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Sexual Health

Sexual health is more than safer sex, preventing sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. Sexual health is about healthy relationships, confidence in making informed choices, open communication, acceptance of our differences and a healthy understanding of sexuality and our bodies. It is about life, love, relationships and the freedom of sexual expression. It is about what happens in the head and heart, it is about thoughts and feelings and how that relates to others. Sexual health is about safety, pleasure and respect.

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Safety – what does ‘safety’ mean in relationships

Being with someone who makes you feel safe; Seeking regular sexual health check-ups; Behaving without putting yourself at risk of an STI or unwanted pregnancy; Expressing and exploring your sexuality on your terms; Knowing if it does not feel safe – do not do it.

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Pleasure – what does ‘pleasure’ mean in relationships?

Intimacy you have with your partner or on your own; Being with someone who makes you feel happy, cared for and secure; Having healthy and loving relationships; Feeling strong and confident in your own body.

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Respect – what does ‘respect’ mean in relationships?

For your own body and your partner’s body; For the choices you make, your partner makes and other people make; For people of all sexualities; Knowing that no always means no.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a link below to find out more about sexual health. If you need to know more you can also ask a question using the contact us page, call the Sexual Health Helpline – 08 9227 6178 (Perth metro area) or 1800 198 205 (country callers) or the WA AIDS Council AIDSline on 9482 …

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